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The team at Kinetic Veterinary Specialists has been working with primary care veterinarians for more than 15 years - taking care of their patients before, during and after treatment. As frequent presenters at continuing education events and conferences across the country, we’re proud to be recognized as leaders in the fields of veterinary orthopedics and neurology. Let us help your pet patients and their parents stand tall and move forward.

Expert Care & Compassion

Our facility is geared toward the overall well-being of pets and owners. Features like non-skid floors help keep pets with mobility issues safe, while soothing music and calming interiors were designed to minimize stress for pets and owners alike. The latest technical innovations and a range of state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment provide our patients with the best possible health outcomes. Pet patients are in excellent hands with our highly skilled and dedicated Veterinary Technicians, and our outstanding Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners.


Minimally Invasive Surgery


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Rehabilitation/Sports Medicine

Our Team

Dr. Luiz Bolfer

Dr. Eric Herman

Dr. Carolyn McKune

Dr. Kelly Vernon

At Kinetic Veterinary Specialists, we are committed to delivering the best outcome possible for patients and pet parents. While our leadership team is highly respected in the industry, we continually push ourselves to increase our knowledge to remain at the top of our game. There is always a better procedure, a better process, a better approach to care. It’s our mission to find it, learn it, and apply it in order to restore a pet’s quality of life.

Owners want their pets to heal as quickly as possible, so they can get back to enjoying life. Minimally invasive care is the best way to achieve that outcome. Kinetic Veterinary Specialists have invested significant time and resources to provide minimally invasive procedures on a level no other private practice, or many animal hospitals, can match. That includes building a brand new facility that features state-of-the-art equipment. While the industry is slowly moving towards minimally invasive as the standard form of treatment, Kinetic Vets is already there, and will continue to lead the way.

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